The Sun is Out, Gotta Drive & Turn That Music Up!

We in the Northwest have been waiting for a glorious day like today! So what to do? Go driving, put the top down and pump up those jams, baby!

Have to start off with Jamiroquai's Runaway

S.A.M.S.P.A.R.R.O. by Sam Sparro

Strawberry Letter #23 by The Brothers Johnson

If I'm Dreamin' by Lee Ritenour, vocals by the great Phil Perry

Earth, Wind & Fire's Runnin'

Scream by Michael & Janet Jackson

Stevie Wonder - Contusion

Superfly by Curtis Mayfield

LOVE THIS SONG. . .Caliente de Los Amigos Invisibles!!!

This brings out my Latina side!! Have to turn this one up!!!

Spring is on it's way! Turn up the music!


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