LO'S PICK OF THE DAY - "Heaven In The Real World" by Steven Curtis Chapman from the 1994 release of the same name.


Originally featured on Inside MusiCast as my Pick of The Day

Leland Sklar was our guest on Inside MusiCast. He had a great chat with Rick, Eddy & Kim Reilly. It's no secret Lee is one of my favorite bass players. His delivery is so there, that I usually know when he's on a recording, even when he's blending.

Like take this tune; "Heaven In The Real World." When this was released, I wasn't really into the music of Steven Curtis Chapman. That developed later. But I really liked this song. I was loving the bass lines, the drums and of course the guitar. Only to find out later that Lee was on bass, John Robinson on drums and Dann Huff on guitar. HA! Amazing!

Other notables are producer; Mark Heimermann and Michael Gleason on backing vocals, Phil Naish on Keyboards and Hezekiah Walker And The Love Fellowship Crusade Choir adding that Gospel fullness.

Towards the end of the tune, Lee and Dann add some fancy string work that is work listening as well as John keeping it real and on time.

A great message also doesn't hurt. 


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