Ricky Berger has Another Blue Dream

And she's going to tell you ALL about it!!

What can I say about Ricky Berger!?

She is simply put. . . A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !

With her fairytale princess presence, this early "20 something," may sound like she is all about fun and pretend play. . .and she is!! But let me tell you, this girl's music is something she is VERY serious about!

There may be other young artists out there who are similiar, but to my knowledge, I've not heard any. She's no Gaga, she's no Miley, she's no Adele. . . she's Ricky!! To some, her sound might be considered eccentric, nostalgic, maybe a little quirky by today's standards, but by no means. . . boring. What I like about her songs, is they're profoundly written while still being singable. Ricky invites you to sing along with her melodies. And you want to!

Writing since she was a young girl, she plays what I thought to be over 20 instruments, not just good, but WELL! This girl can also play a glockenspiel and piano together, making it sound like a little girl's music box. . . So lovely.

Thinking she was classicaly trained, listeners will be surprised that she is not.
As Ricky puts it: "I'm not classically trained! Took a few piano lessons as a child but I've taught myself to play all the instruments that I do! I play almost any instrument my fans/friends/family have given me...to list them would go on and on and on."

For someone who has taught herself, she can carry a mean Django Reinhardt rhythm on her guitar and ukele, whisking you back to the early 20th century as if you were standing on a beach with your friends listening to someone play the latest "Hit Parader" tune. I can even see a few doing a little Charleston.

Her song, "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Breaks" from her EP "Another Blue Dream" has that amusement park sound, with that underlying Danny Elfman tone of darkness, doom and tragedy. And you can't help but feel that she is exposing the innermost part of her being.

For me, she has me feeling like I'm on a ride and I want to get off, but don't know how to stop it! So I go round and round in my emotions, still experiencing some happy moments but they somehow seem false and I see no way of escape, until the very end, when I just collaspe, tired and broken.

PEOPLE!! That's what songwriting is ALL ABOUT!!! You write for yourself, YES, but you also write for us, too!

The other songs off this EP are: "Another Me" and "Why Be Blue." Both songs have that light and airy sound while the lyrics are very profound and honest.

Seeing Ricky live is definitely a treat!! Not only is she multi-talented, she is super humble, kind and gentle. Definitely not presumptious about her gifts. When you meet her, you can see she is very genuine and appreciates every praise she receives from her fans.

Go see her!! I saw her twice in one week!

Please take time to see this 'up and coming' artist.

Ricky is currently touring with Adrian Bourgeois. Adrian Bourgeois.com

Check out her website for music and tour dates

Ricky Berger.com

Ricky on Myspace



Daydreamer said…
I love how you describe the carousel ride that is listening to Ricky's songs. She and her music are beautiful!! I had the priviledge of playing two shows with her in S.A., and it's something to smile about. :D It's been serendipitous.
"A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Breaks" is The Mad Scientist Song to me, (and my favorite of hers) cause I think the title aptly describes the general frenzy and passionate keyboard pounding that goes into that magical concoction. :P Brilliant!
I Love Love Love that girl!

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