Time for Recess

Some albums should NEVER be forgotten. . .

. . . this is just one of them. . .

This album is heavy on the Smooth Jazz... I like to call it, "Mr. Mister meets Kenny G with Gloria Estefan & Janet Jackson singing on the female vocals, Al Jarreau scattin' with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis as producers." HA!!! With some GREAT engineering on here!! Listen with your headphones to catch it all.

Plus these musicians were so seasoned. I wish I knew more about them. I would love to find out what their backgrounds are in music and where they are today.

When I first heard "Hands That Made The World" on my local Christian radio station, it seemed so out of place for their playlist. The song sounded more appropiately for 94.7 The Wave in L.A. I had to buy the album. Boy, was I surprised!!!


The musicians are TIGHT as all get out!!!

After doing some research, it seems like this was the only album they put out. And unfortunately, as with many good albums, this one is out of print. But I'm sure it can be found in the usual places, eBay or a preloved CD store.


This song is definitely the smooth jazzy sound with what I think is Gloria Estefan, Janis Siegel vocals.

ENJOY!!! : )

I have to add this note:

I had to blog this song. I've had this album since it came out in 1990.

How is it you can listen to a song and want to dance AND cry at the same time????

You need to listen to this song!! It's so freeing. You want to throw your hands up in the air and twirl around while the tears stream down your face. . . . well. . . that's how I see it!!
I cried back then and as I listen to it again and again today, it takes me back to something very important. . .

This song reminds me why Jesus chose me!!!

Thank you Recess, for being faithful in putting out a quality album while being diligent in encouraging and exhorting us out here!! I'm still crying happy tears!! Thank you, Lo

Oh and BTW, I do have the accompaniment track to this ; )



Anonymous said…
This is actually their second album the first was self titled.
Anonymous said…
Most of the guys are still in music, if only peripherally. :-)
Tony Bobalik (keyboards) worked with Morris "Butch" Stewart of "Uncle Butchie's Live House", making music for everything from McDonalds to the Oprah Winfrey Show. He is music minister at a church in Chicago, and one of his daughters, Sarah, is an up and coming musician
Tim McGuire (vocals) is head of worship at a church in Indiana http://www.reallifecc.org/tim/
DQ -David Quinones- (bass) and his family moved back to Puerto Rico, where he is a session musician
Jerry Gassie (guitar) is in Wisconsin
Mike Kondourajian (drums) leads worship at his church in Naperville
Dianne Songer (vocals)
Dave Carlson (sax) is still local (Chicago), while brother Steve (support/logistics) now lives in TN.
Spin That 45 said…
That is really terrific to hear where they are now. This album is still one of my favorites. Thanks for the update!
trammgr said…
I went to school with most of the members at Olivet Nazarene University when they were called Gentle Reign. Tim and Dave worked at Youth for Christ. Mike was at ONU, as well. I think Diane Songer was, too, but I don't remember. A great bunch of people who are talented and still using those talents. Hard to believe we're all in our 60's now, or very close to it.

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