Everything is ALWAYS in it's right place with Robert Glasper!

How can one describe this man and his music. . . his style. . . his interpre-TAY-tion of his favorite songs?!?!

So many adjectives have been linked to him, from smooth, enticing, sexy, inspirational, magical, spirtiual, etc.

To that I would add, his music is “charged” with extreme energy!! Especially in the softness of his playing. He’s very deliberate, conscious and intentionally aware of every move he makes . . . .and. . . . NOT intentional...like “let’s see where this takes us” kind of mentality. And yet, you wanna go with him, cuz you know when he’s leading the way, it won’t be to a dead-end. And even if it does. . . who cares. . .you’re with him. . .


He captivates me

I am his prisoner

happily willing to submit

as long as he keeps playing

either seriously or

with a sense of humor,

breaking out in some

cheesy type of song or

breaking me down with

his rendition of

“Kiss From A Rose/Everything In Its Right Place.”

And so it was, when I saw him recently at the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival at the end of June 2011, I was lost and under his spell. . . at least for the 2 sets I was there. : )

There is just something about Robert Glasper, whether hearing him live or through your stereo. . . you are hooked!!!!

Okay. . .enough, enough about what he does to me!!!

Let me tell you though, there were very few empty seats in the house. . . for BOTH SETS!!!
I was surprised by the variety of ages and types of people there to see this man, who is very unassuming in presence. . . very relaxed. . walking onto the stage as if he’s just walking into his livingroom to play a bit and you just happen to be there.

Oh and drummer, Mark Colenburg and bassist. . . what ‘s his name???? . . . Derrick Hodge just HAPPEN to be there as well!! ; )

The rapport these guys have is unbelievable!! It’s like they can read one another’s mind. It’s extraordinary to watch!!

You are taken on one heck of a ride !! It’s wonderful!!

Leaving, I was left with wanting more.

So I am looking forward to Robert’s upcoming album which will include Mr. Derrick Hodge, Bilal, Mos Def, Q-Tip, Erykah Badu and Me'shell N'degeocello. I am guessing the release will be sometime in Spring 2012.




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