LO'S PICK OF THE DAY - "For More Than Ourselves" by Salvador.


Originally featured on Inside MusiCast

From their 2004 release, "So Natural' this tune is one my favorites on this album.

Latino CCM's Salvador rock out on this track. Co-produced by Chris Rodriguez, you get the feeling you're listening to something from the late 60's, like early Santana.

Salvador keyboardist; Chris Bevins lays down keys as if he's Gregg Rolie! It's so high energy, you'd almost think you're listening to a live recording. Which was the objective of this song as well as the entire album. Vocalist & co-founder; Nic Gonzales said in an interview years ago; "Salvador built its reputation on playing live, and we hope that it sounds like it's live because every sound-every loop, every instrument-is played by one of the guys in the band. There's no computer tricks; everything was made by a hand playing an instrument. That was really important to us."

From it's cool flat twangy "let's jam" intro, to the strong bridge that totally sucks you in, your body feels like it wants levitate. Or better yet, dance like you were at Woodstock.

"For More Than Ourselves" is all about making the listener feel good from music to lyrics. Incredible musicianship.

"There's no greater feeling
Without a doubt."


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