LO'S PICK OF THE DAY - "Heaven's Design" by Bobby McFerrin


Originally featured on Inside MusiCast 

From the album Bang! Zoom

Released in 1995, this song never fails to move me, not only as a music lover, or a freaky fan of the great Bobby McFerrin, but the message is so profound. It's obvious he is singing to his beloved wife, Deb. How many women out there would love to hear these words from their men when they feel like they are not a priority? Bobby recognizes it and reconciles it with these beautiful lyrics.

Profound lyrics wrapped up with some gorgeous music by some of the most incredible people in the biz: The Yellowjackets; Russell Ferrante, William Kennedy, Bob Mintzer and Jimmy Haslip, as well as Paul Jackson, Paulinho Da Costa, Judd Miller and Scott Wendholt. Totally an All-Star line-up.

Such a beautiful song. I love the groove, every facet, every instrument. And those gorgeous subtle scats done the only way that makes Bobby McFerrin who he is. I just want to lap up every note, turning my stereo up or headphones just to get the last drip.



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