Gotta listen to Kevin LeVar & One Sound

One of the things I've always loved about music, is. . . discovering new music and new genres. Or exploring genres I rarely listen to.

And I love introducing my readers to THAT new music or new album!

Ask my family. . .I am just that way. . .

Gotta tell EVERYBODY about it!!! HA!!

So, here is one that I think you're really gonna like. . .

Kevin LeVar & One Sound's "Let's Come Together" is Gospel with the funk, with rock and with the Soul, even Latin Soul!!

There is something here for every taste.

So well done!!

The album is dedicated to, one, Keith Bynum, the guitarist on the LP. I found out he is the one rocking his AXE on "What-Cha Know About Jesus." Wow, can I just say the dude was BAD on that track?!?! Like Vernon Reid from Living Colour. What a loss. He was GREAT!!

I really love everything about this album. Honest & laid out lyrics, backed with great tight vocals and off the hook musicians!!!

Check out Kevin's website at Kevin and you'll know what I'm talkin' about!



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