Dustin Prinz isn't a household name, but he is definitely on his way!
I've enjoyed listening to his new album "ELEVEN." This is Dustin's third project release.
I predict this is the album that will get him radio airplay.

What amazes me is how Dustin can be so qwerky at times, funny, imaginative and then turn your emotions with his serious side. The guy is deep!!!

And so talented!! With the exception of a few doing piano, organ, string arrangements and co/writing two songs. . . Dustin has done it all! Dustin wrote all but two songs, which he co/wrote. He recorded, mixed and mastered this project. First thing I noticed when I listened to this CD was how well it sounded! Beautiful work, Dustin!!

Track List:
1. Freedom
2. Angry Breakup Song
3. So Many Deserving
4. Maybe
5. Next Time You'll Know
6. Evolve
7. You'll Answer When She Calls
8. Blindfolded
9. Snow Day
10. Northstar
11. Radio
12. Delivered In Tears
13. Limbo
14. I'm Still Alive
15. Broken Guitar Strings

Check out some of the videos Dustin has produced.
He is amazing and the songs speak for themselves.
And the videos are thought provoking and then just crazy fun!

There is a lot going on in the mind Dustin Prinz. "Limbo" really got to me! Watch the video and you'll see what I mean. You'll also hear Dustin's nephew Rydon Prinz, who was 2 weeks old at the time of the recording. A talented little guy with perfect pitch in crying! ; )

There's lots of stuff going in these videos. Love the imagination and thought that went into each one. But I can't watch a video while driving or working. I can listen to his album tho.
And as I said in the beginning, I really like this piece of work. It's really nice!
This album is definitely one that can be listened to from start to finish. A really good project. Give it a listen! You won't be sorry!



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