Jen Haugland Discovers Herself Through The Storm

After much soul searching, singer / songwriter Jen Haugland proves that she has grown up in her writing skills and matured with her new LP, "Where I Am."

Working with producer, Eric Copeland of Creative Soul Records, this 11-track album is an impressive project of music that should not be ignored.  Well crafted and thought out, it has the ingredients to be considered timeless.

Track Listing:

Deep Into You
The In-Between
Where I Am
Little Bit Crazy
The Storm
For All the Ways
So Hard to Find
Loved You Well
The Storm (Instrumental)

I have to admit that while listening to it, I did have some emotional moments, especially while listening to The Storm. What a powerful song! And so beautiful. It's a very gripping type of composition that has you feeling like you've heard it playing at a tear-jerking movie. Mark Burnett, take note! I think you should take a sec and listen to this song! : )

Not every song is going to bring you to tears, tho. There are some bouncy tunes, like Little Bit Crazy which has that kind of "spring in your step" kind of feel.  Love "So Hard to Find" with it's smooth jazzy feel to it.  And Jen sounds so cool on this track. Really love her groovy vocals! I detect Bossa Nova artist "Basia" in her tone.

Critics might consider this a Contemporary Christian release. But with the genre of music ranging from soft pop to contemporary to maybe a little smooth jazz, it would be, in my opinion a shame to place this in the CCM category.

The messages may fall under the realm of Christian, but in listening to every song, the lyrics talk about real life . . . relationships, from intimate to spiritual. And who hasn't heard those types of lyrics in songs heard on today's radio stations? I have.

And as I said earlier, I did feel some tears flow as this has been a heavy week for me. Deep emotions surfacing! And perhaps that was Jen's intention. She is after all, a licensed therapist. And as she states on the liner notes, the album is not just meant to be enjoyed but to bring healing to those hurting.  I can believe that.  One song in particular that brought those tears was "Intentionally," a song about children with special needs. The "special needs" I have been dealing with are kids who don't feel valued and wished they had never been born, thus having a desire to hurt themselves. So when I heard this song, I saw those faces in the lyrics. And THAT to me is good songwriting!

It Takes A Village!
So impressed by all who are on this album. I've heard most of them on other projects. 
It's great to hear these great musicians on this album together. Truly stellar in their skills.

Drums: Steve Brewster, 
Ken Lewis, Brian Fullen
Bass: Gary Lunn, Mark Hill, 
Danny O'Lannerghty
Guitars: Mark Baldwin, Dave Cleveland
Keyboards: Eric Copeland, Blair Masters, Jason Webb, Jeff Roach
Trombone: Barry Green
Orchestral Programming: Brian Green
BGV's: Eric Copeland, Debi Selby & Jen

My bottom line is this album is definitely worth listening to. 

If she isn't already, Jen should be proud of this work.  

As for me, "Where I Am" will be a staple in my collection.

Check out Jen's website
Jen Haugland Music


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