Radio Friendly is Here to Tell You That Everything Will Be Alright

Met some great guys recently at the NAMM Show 2014.
When you attend a product show like NAMM, you're bound to make connections and even pick up a few CD's from artists. Such is the case with the guys of "Radio Friendly."

These guys love music, they love Rock n Roll, and they love Jesus! 
Bosch Boschetti, lead vocalist had this to say about the band: 

"This band is very dear to my heart because it allows me to take God's message out to people who are lost and broken and gives us a chance to encourage the saved as well. It is great to see people come to the shows and experience God for perhaps the very first time and this is what keeps me going."

So I give the album a listen.

Not bad.

In fact, they are really good!!

Track listing:
1. Love is alive
2. Hold on
3. Say a prayer
4. Everything will be alright
5. Uptown downtown
6. Talk talk
7. Changed

The band are very skilled. The engineering of this EP sounds great!  They definitely have that West Coast rocker sound going on. 

"Uptown Downtown" is by far the best track off the album. It's got that L.A. groove.  
For me, personally, some of the songs have too much of a mainstream Christian sound, but this is definitely more rock and roll. Love the harmonies and the break in the middle with the guitar solo by Mark Hoffman. REALLY NICE!! Everything about this song is good! Jimmy Sabala kills it on the drums! And of course, Steve Christian carries this tune nicely throughout on his bass. 

"Talk Talk" shows that they can rock the house with their 80’s pop and new wave groove.

The bottom line, is I like the album but would like to see more stuff like "Uptown Downtown" and "Talk Talk" cuz I am listening to these over and over! 

"Love Is Alive" by Radio Friendly.  

This album is full of energy and worth a listen!

Check it out! 

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