West Meets Northwest At The Showbox

Seattle folks love them some Switchfoot. And rock legend, Michael Bloodgood of 80's iconic Christian Rock band, BLOODGOOD is no exception! 

Switchfoot, on tour promoting their current release "Fading West," true to form showed Seattle they never disappoint! 

Pictured above is Michael Bloodgood and his wife with Switchfoot at the Showbox. According to Michael, it was a Killer Show, adding that they just get better and better every time he sees them. 

Michael with lead guitarist and super nice guy,  Drew Shirley before Switchfoot's stellar performance. 

If you haven't 
has a new 
release with 
Check it out
 here and 
download it!

Also, take a listen and watch "Lamb Of God" from the new album done in classic Bloodgood style! 


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