LO'S PICK OF THE DAY - "Dreaming Of You" by Selena


Originally featured on Inside MusiCast as my Pick of The Day

National Hispanic Heritage Month Edition honoring Jimmy Haslip and Tejano / Pop Artist Selena

I think we can all agree that we know that Jimmy Haslip is one BAAAD musician!!! His rep of those he has played with is so vast.

How I personally knew about him before I realized that I loved West Coast music was when he toured with Chaka Khan along with my high school friend; keyboardist Tony Patler. That was the first time I'd ever heard of Jimmy. But he'd been out and made a name for himself before that; starting with CSN and one of my favorite albums, "Brother To Brother" by Gino Vannelli.

Jimmy Haslip is one of the most intuitive musicians I've ever listened to and had the pleasure to see live. Case in point; this song by another Latina I would like to acknowledge; Selena.

Written by Franne Golde and Tom Snow, "Dreaming Of You" is probably one of the most beautifully written songs from the arranging to Selena's pure and innocent vocals.

With incredible movements of grace, Jimmy reaches my soul as he plays those deep low notes, stirring up tears every time. Especially as I think of the loss we suffered at Selena's early death in 1995 at 23 years old and my young daughters (at their young ages of 7) asking me at the end of her bio pic - while this song is playing - why she had to die. And me, trying to explain it to them in a way they could understand. Dang!! 😢😭

For those of us who are Latinos, Tejanos, Mejicanos, Mexican-Americans, "Dreaming Of You" is forever the soundtrack of Selena, her life, her talent and her legacy. And how beautiful that one of our favorite IMC people - Puerto Ricano; Jimmy Haslip's gorgeous notes of velvet are woven into this soundtrack.

Now I think I will watch one of the three copies I have of the Selena movie.


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