Tower of Power Founding Bassist in Hospice

Tower of Power Official Facebook posted on their page today that bassist, Rocco Prestia is very ill. Stating; "Our brother and original Tower bassist, Rocco Prestia, needs our love, prayer and good vibrations more than ever before, as he is now resting and comfortable in hospice."

It was not said what he is ill with but it's for those who have been longtime fans of ToP, Rocco has had several major health issues, including a liver transplant, which was successful.

Rocco has recorded 22 albums with ToP. Those albums are the soundtrack of my life. Their songs are totally intertwined with my childhood. Like; "What Is Hip?," "You're Still A Young Man," "You Got to Funkifize," "Clever Girl," and soooo many others!!!  

His unique "Fingerstyle Funk" of playing on the bass is so iconic and different than how a bass was played back then. To watch him in person was magical. Truly a talent. But as always, Rocco like to stick to the back, hardly seen but you knew he was there. 

As I get older, I hate to think of those who I've admired in music having to leave this world. I know most of my friends and fans feel as I do in that we will hold on to our memories and spin those Tower of Power tunes that take us back to a simpler time.

As said earlier, I got to see this man play live with ToP. I will always treasure those shows. Meeting him was a huge plus after their shows and also at NAMM. And what a kind and nice person he was every time. Very quiet and reserved. Praying the Lord's comfort for him and his loved ones. Losing him will be too soon.


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