LO'S PICK OF THE DAY - "The Higher You Rise"


Originally featured on Inside MusiCast as my Pick of The Day:

"The Higher You Rise" from the high def test record; "The Sheffield Track & Drum Record" featuring Robbie Buchanan and James Newton Howard, keyboards, Lenny Castro, percussion, Nathan East, bass, Mike Landau, guitar, and Carlos Vega, drums.
National Hispanic Heritage Month Edition

Today begins the first day of National Hispanic Heritage Month. As a Latina, I am very proud of my Hispanic roots and felt that it was only proper to feature two of Inside MusiCast's favorites for my Pick today; Lenny Castro and the sorely missed; Carlos Vega.

Recorded May 22, 1982 at the Sheffield Lab Studios at MGM in Culver City, this album was designed for systems and component testing and evaluation. Sheffield Lab Recordings, founded by engineer great; Doug Sax and legendary musician / arranger; Lincoln Mayorga, it is an audiophile label which produced direct-to-disc classical and jazz albums.

What a fantastic song this is!! From the start, it's Carlos on drums, then a very young Nate on his bass with total FUNK slapping from his bass, the amazing Mike Laudau on his axe, then together; Lenny on percussion with Robbie Buchanan and James Newton Howard on keys.

"The Higher You Rise" has such an incredible groove to set one's stereo system to. Although I am listening via my Sonos speaker, every instrument can be heard so clearly.

As I personally celebrate my heritage today by listening to these great musicians, I would like to thank them for their contributions to the world of music, including West Coast Style.

Seriously, just can't stop listening to this. I need to crank it!!


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